Brittany Mohr


Philip Hunter

Brittany Mohr and Philip Hunter

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

May 2, 2020 will always be special to us. But In the wake of Covid-19, we have decided to postpone our wedding. The safety and health of our family, friends, and community are at the forefront of our minds. We are so thankful to be loved and supported by so many wonderful people, and can’t wait to celebrate with you when the time is right. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Our Story

Long story short, we met on a dating app (classic Millennials, right?!) in April of 2017. But our story really began in August of 2016 - we just didn't know it yet.

To explain the back story, there are 2 important elements: the song Africa by Toto and a local bar named Ivars.
First - the song. I have always loved the song Africa by Toto. For years I would sneak the song on all road trip or bachelorette party playlists. It became a bit of a running joke.
Second - the bar. Philip and I were both regulars at the same bar, Ivar’s. We both frequented Ivar’s independently with our own groups of friends.
Equally important to note: the patrons of Ivar’s can control the music from the jukebox via a phone app.

Around August of 2016, my girlfriends and I noticed that Africa by Toto was being played almost every time we were there. I would sing my little heart out and my friends would laugh with me. This happened for months. One of the most noteworthy times was New Year’s Eve Eve (December 30th) of 2016. Ivar’s was pretty quiet that night and not very crowded. Africa played 5 times in a row. My friends joked “your soul mate is in this bar! We just have to find him!”

This continued almost every weekend until April of 2017. I’m scrolling through the dating app Bumble and I stumble across Philip’s profile. His bio said “I once got kicked out of a bar for playing Africa by Toto too many times.” My heart stopped. I immediately messaged him and said I needed to know what bar that was (not very smooth, I know). He explained it was Ivar’s and even confirmed it was him on that New Year’s Eve Eve.

We had our first date at The Merchant, a little restaurant that just so happens to be across the street from Ivar's. Not wanting our date to end, Philip suggested we stop by "our bar" to grab another drink. He had Africa play as we opened the door to walk in. And the rest was history.


PS – We now estimate we had been in Ivar's at the same time no less than 30 times. Neither of us remembers ever seeing each other there. If it wasn’t for Bumble, there’s no telling how long it would’ve taken us to find each other!
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